Principals Message 

"Success is how high you can bounce when you hit the bottom."

It is about getting all that you want from yourself in life. It is the realization of one's goals or fulfillment of ones's plans and feeling ecstatic about ones's own achievements.

Everyone in life wishes to be successful but the word success has different connotations for all of us. For some of us success would mean satisfaction and contentment,for others it would mean earning a handful,yet for others it would ideally be reaching the top of the ladder.

To be in successful in life one must have a clear understanding of one's individual skills and respective potential. This clarity in thought would help him realize his educational interests and career aspirations. The need of the hour is to be true to your own have faith in yourself as well as in your strengths and never losing sight of your future goals-consequently you will succeed in education,job,career and life. the road to success will probably be full of challenges,pain,hard work,disappointment as well as many other bottlenecks but when you reach your destination, its is truly an unmatched feeling that makes all hard work worth the while.

A positive attitude,sound values,determination,strong willpower and dedication are some of the attributes to success.One should never give up in life and continue trying until success is attained.

"All power is within you;you can achieve anything and everything..Stand up and express the divinity within you.All great undertakings are achieved through mighty obstacles."

                                             -------Swami Vivekananda

wishing all the readers success in this journey of life.

Ms. Geeta Kapur